Tennessee Naturalist Program

Continuing Education

"The Tennessee Naturalist Program strongly encourages continued education and volunteer service. Certified Tennessee Naturalists may earn additional hours in both categories and receive milestone recognition with special Tennessee Naturalist hour pins. There is no time limit for reaching hour milestones. A milestone pin is only awarded when both the requisite volunteer and education hours are reached."

"Continuing education promotes lifelong learning and development, provides a chance to focus interest in specific topics, and expands volunteer capabilities and options. TNP may provide some continuing education programs through workshops and TN2 courses, and other suitable opportunities may be found locally through chapters, chapter partners, area and state organizations or agencies, nature centers, and universities." [From the TNP Volunteer Handbook]

Continuing Education credit is not limited to events and activities posted here on our TNP website or by your TNP Chapter. If you become aware of an activity or event that would likely fulfill the continuing education requirements in full or part, check with your chapter coordinator or a member of the board for approval.

Volunteer/Continuing Education Log


No Continuing Education is currently scheduled.