Tennessee Naturalist Program

Advanced TN2 Courses

TNP has developed its first comprehensive follow-up course complimenting our primary program course.

Field Botany 2019

Course Description
Tennessee Naturalist Program's 36-hour Field Botany course will span four weekends during the year in various Middle and East Tennessee locations. Instruction will focus on field ID techniques through an introduction to plant morphology, botanical terms, and plant communities using various field guides, plant keys, and other resources. Each weekend class is 9 hours — 6 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday. NOTE: This course requires hiking moderately difficult trails up to 5 miles. Field Botany Details

The course fee of $250 is payable in full before the first class. TNP students/graduates will be given priority until March 1. Beginning March 2nd enrollment will be open and cost $300. This class is currently full. Please email Margie Hunter if you wish to be placed on a waiting list.

Class Size
Registration is limited to 12 people. Tennessee Naturalist Program participants have priority until March 1st.  However, if there are spaces available, individuals who have not enrolled in the primary TNP course may register for the Field Botany course beginning March 2nd. The fee for non-TNP registrants is $300.Please contact Margie Hunter, mhunter@tnnaturalist.org, to be placed on a waiting list.

Class Dates

March 30/31 — Field exploration of mixed mesophytic forest and limestone cedar glade communities at Taylor Hollow State Natural Area (Sumner Co.) and Cedars of Lebanon State Forest (Wilson Co.) covering basic plant morphology, plant families, and community characteristics

April 13/14 — Classroom instruction on botanical terminology, examination of floral parts under magnification, and using keys, reinforced with field work at Montgomery Bell State Park (Dickson Co.) and Beaman Park (Davidson Co.)

June 1/2 — Field exploration of acidic-soil upland plant communities, spray cliffs, and seeps at Frozen Head State Park/State Natural Area (Morgan Co., EDT) and Colditz Cove State Natural Area (Fentress Co., CDT) with an emphasis on ferns

September 21/22 — Field exploration of grassland and wetland communities at Land Between the Lakes (Lyon Co., KY), classroom instruction includes aster family identification and an introduction to the morphology of grasses, based out of Paris Landing State Park (Henry Co.)